We Need to Be Content with What God Has Revealed

We Need to Be Content with What God Has Revealed

Section 2: The Bible

Week 4: The Bible Is Sufficient

Day 5: We Nee to Be Content with What God Has Revealed

Deut. 29:29

When I was a kid, Christmas morning was just about the greatest thing. Getting to open all those presents…it was awesome. Sure there was the occasional sweater or pair of underwear. But for the most part I got toys. As soon as I could, I would rip them out of the box and start playing with them. It was always a lot of fun… until I got to school and saw what my friends got for Christmas. They have a new Atari game while I’m stuck playing Pong. Oh, the injustice! (If you’re too young to appreciate how cool Atari was, to fully understand my despair, imagine a close friend just got the latest iPhone while you’re stuck using a flip phone that belongs in a museum.)

What happened to all the joy? It evaporated. Focusing on what you don’t have has a way of doing that. When it comes to God, there are a lot of things we wish he would have told us. What happened in the years between Jesus’ birth and the start of his ministry? What was he like as a teen?   When will the Antichrist be revealed? Do all dogs really go to heaven?

In all seriousness, though, it would be nice if we had more information on many subjects. Yet we ought to be content with what God has revealed because, let’s face it, he has revealed an awful lot.

He has revealed his power. He has explained his purpose for our lives. He has shown us how he has worked his plan of redemption throughout history. He has revealed the extent of his love for us in Christ’s death on the cross. He has given us glimpses of what eternity with him will be like. The bottom line is: He has given us more than we sometimes realize.

If we focus on the knowledge we wished we had, we’re going to be frustrated. On the other hand, if we focus on the knowledge God has graciously given us, we’ll experience a lot more joy. God has given us plenty to be excited about. We just need to focus on what we have, not on what we don’t.


Make a list of the questions you wish God had answered. Compare it to the list you made earlier in the week of the things you know about God and his plans for you.

Reflection Questions:

Do you need any more information than you already have to draw close to God and trust him? Will you be happier focusing on what God has shown you or what he hasn’t?


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