The Image of God Wasn’t Completely Destroyed by the Fall

The Image of God Wasn’t Completely Destroyed by the Fall

Section 3: Humanity

Week 4: The Image of God within Us Has Been Distorted

Day 2: The Image of God Wasn’t Completely Destroyed by the Fall

Gen. 9:1-6

We saw yesterday that the image of God within us was profoundly damaged by the Fall. But it’s important to realize the image was not completely destroyed. That’s why God continues to place so much value on human life (See Gen. 9:6). It’s also why we never find sin fully satisfying.

My wife, Jeni, is a librarian. She knew she wanted to be a librarian from the moment she worked as a page in high school at our local library. She loves books and she loves her job. Over the years she has taken on more administrative responsibilities. She doesn’t mind the administrative part of the job; it’s just not why she became a librarian. So she faced a tough decision when the library was looking for a new director. Did she want to apply for the job? Ultimately she decided not to. The administrative aspects of the director position would be even greater. She knew she could do the job. But as the director, she wouldn’t be able to do as many of the things that made her want to be a librarian in the first place. In the end, she wouldn’t be as happy. As a result, she knew the director position wouldn’t be as fulfilling.

It’s similar with sin in our lives. As we said, sin resides within us. As a result, we find sinful things attractive and they exert a strong pull on us. But at a still deeper level, the image of God resides in us as well. And that part of us can never be satisfied by sin because it wasn’t made for sin. We were created to be like God, and a part of us won’t be satisfied with anything less.

Reflection Questions:

What sin do you find most tempting? What about it is appealing to you? Does the satisfaction you get from it last? If not, why not?


When you find yourself tempted this week, consciously remind yourself that you were created for something more.


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