The Bible Is Sufficient for Salvation

The Bible Is Sufficient for Salvation

Section 2: The Bible

Week 4: The Bible Is Sufficient

Day 2: The Bible Is Sufficient for Salvation

James 1:16-18, 1 Pet. 1:22-23

Years ago, I used to drive a 1988 Ford Tempo. Jeni called it “the Death Car.” It was old and had some quirks that made it…interesting to drive. The Death Car wasn’t really this bad, but imagine it had an electrical “quirk.” To turn on the headlights, you first need to adjust the driver’s side mirror all the way to the right, turn on the heater, then pump the breaks exactly three times.

What if you needed to borrow the Death Car and I lent it to you without telling you about the headlights? Suppose you found yourself on a winding country road at night. Knowing how to turn the headlights on would be crucial. If I had any concern for your safety, I wouldn’t keep that information from you.

It’s the same when it comes to salvation. As we’ve said, our sin places us in a terrible position before God. But he wants us to know exactly what we can do about it. He doesn’t want to keep that a secret from us. That’s why he told us everything we need to know to be saved, and it’s all contained in Scripture (2 Tim. 3:15-17). You don’t need to look anywhere else.

Reflection Questions:

How would you feel if God had left important information out of the Bible? What would that say about him if he had done that? What does it say about him that he provided us with all the information we need to enter into a relationship with him and to be saved from our sin?


Thank God that he hasn’t hidden any information you need.


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