The Bible Is Sufficient for Obeying God

The Bible Is Sufficient for Obeying God

Section 2: The Bible

Week 4: The Bible Is Sufficient

Day 4: The Bible Is Sufficient for Obeying God

Ps. 119:1, 44-45, 165

If you are reading this book, you’re obviously a wise person. No doubt you are growing by leaps and bounds as you work through the daily readings. But what about the poor saps who don’t have access to this awesome book. They’re hopelessly lost, right?  

Of course not. Hopefully, you are finding the daily readings helpful, but there are many other great resources out there to help believers grow spiritually. Some are even better than this book. Hard to believe, I know.

But it’s important to understand something about all such resources, including this one. Their value is tied directly to the extent to which they help you understand what the Bible says. Now you might be thinking, “Of course!” But it’s easy to forget that fundamental point.

For example, we sometimes become so enamored with one particular teacher that we fall in love with everything they say. What’s wrong with that? Well, what are the odds any given teacher is right about everything? Zero. That’s why we always need to tie any teaching back to the Bible, asking, “Does it really say that?”

That’s crucial because our goal is to be obedient to God, not to any particular teacher (1 Cor. 3:1-9). To do that, we need to determine what God himself has said. God has revealed everything we need to obey him in the pages of Scripture. Teachers can help us understand the Bible, but they don’t add to it.


Make a list of the things you believe God has been prompting you to do in response to this study.

Reflection Question:

Do you think those things flow out of what the Bible itself says? Why? Can you find biblical support for them? If so, what are you doing to put those things into practice?


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