Sanctification Is Never Complete in This Life

Sanctification Is Never Complete in This Life

Section 7: Salvation – Part 2

Week 2: Sanctification

Day 2: Sanctification Is Never Complete in This Life

Matt. 6:9-13, 1 Jn. 1:8-10

Most believers realize sanctification is a slow process. Many, however, fall into the trap of expecting it be straight-line process of steady growth.

In reality, though, most of us have many different ups and downs. We do make progress. But, if we were to chart our progress, the line would be pretty jagged.

The process isn’t just jagged though. It is inherently incomplete. We won’t become fully like Christ in this lifetime. Sinless perfection belongs to the not yet aspect of salvation. We have to wait until Christ’s return to see that part of God’s plan come to fruition.

That’s an important reality to keep in mind because Satan is always looking for ways to discourage us. And he’s already pretty good at it. We don’t need to give him any more ammunition.

Reflection Questions:

Do you ever get discouraged about the rate of spiritual growth in your life? Why? Does it help to know that the process of sanctification isn’t completed for anyone in this lifetime?


Look back at the list you made yesterday of the various ways you’ve grown throughout your life as a Christian. Take a moment to both commit to growing even more and to thank God for the work he has already done in you.


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