Sanctity of Life Sunday

Sanctity of Life Sunday

In this sermon, Cory gives a reasoned explanation for the value of human life.

First, life is sacred. Second, life begins in the womb. Third, life demands our protection.

But, how can the church actually be helpful when it comes to this issue? Listen in as we explore some tactical strategies for becoming the kind of church that people could run to instead of a church that people run away from.

Discussion Questions

  1. According to Scripture, why is all human life sacred?
    • How is the heart of God revealed through the importance of this topic?
  2. How does your sin (pride, selfishness, apathy, etc.) tend to diminish your view of human life? (In what ways do you not see all human life as intrinsically valuable?)
  3. What is the responsibility of the Church (both collectively and as individuals) with respect to this topic?

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