Building Usage

Building Usage

Tier 1: Essential Ministry

These items are highest priority in our consideration of the building’s usage. This includes:

  • weekly worship services
  • churchwide discipleship efforts (Alpha, Rooted, sermon-based small groups)
  • church wide training and equipping efforts
  • ministry team meetings
  • prayer meetings
  • churchwide social events.

Further, the staff utilizes the building for office space and has needed access throughout the week to organize and coordinate their ongoing ministry efforts and work.

Tier 2: Additional Ministry Needs

Additionally, we allow the building to be utilized for counseling sessions (led by an elder), pastoral counseling, first time visitor meetings, small groups (upon request and availability), and occasional ministry team events or conferences.

Tier 3: Additional Outreach Use

Because we want our building to be an outreach post, our third level of consideration is for outreach. Outreach includes usages like:

  • a precinct for local voting
  • a warming station in severe weather.
  • various non-for profit organizations utilizing our space to meet the needs of the community
  • seasonal outreach type events (movie night, parking lot party, fall-fest, etcetera)

Tier 4: Private Use

If availability allows, the building can be requested for private events. Individuals from our church are able to request access to the building for their personal and church-related ideas. These requests are subject to approval by the elder team and lead pastor.

Please be mindful

  1. The church facility is a matter of stewardship. The elders are seeking to create policies to best utilize the facility for the sake of the mission. Our decision-making process is informed by our philosophy of ministry. Two specific issues are of particular relevance. First, we are a simple church. We purposefully narrow our focus to do certain things well. Knowing that we have limited resources, we are very careful to only emphasize the efforts that the elder team deems as most important in a given season. Second, we are a missional church. Even our usage of the building is designed to encourage ministry to happen away from our facility. A crowded church calendar with a bunch of meetings at our facility reduces the likelihood of individuals doing life on mission out in the world.
  2. We purposefully say yes to only a few things. Our church serves over 400 unique individuals. Many people within our church are spiritually mature believers with ideas for ministries and meetings. Unfortunately, not every idea can become a church-embraced initiative. We are saddened that we cannot green-light every idea that comes our way. However, as mentioned above, the elders are prayerfully and carefully choosing the initiatives that we deem are most significant for helping our church grow in Christlikeness. These are hard decisions (especially for those of us who are people pleasers). Please be gracious with us as we attempt to lead.
  3. Building usage creates more demands on a lean staff. We coordinate cleaning, stocking, and organizing our facility to accomplish the essentials ministries listed above. When additional meetings occur routinely it often creates more work for the staff.