About Us

About Us

Congregational Makeup

We are a congregation of primarily mature believers. Because of our church’s style, we tend to attract and retain mature believers. This is both a blessing and a curse. Within our congregation, we have large amounts of individuals who were involved in significant ministry. Three former senior pastors attend our church. There are also two former associate pastors in our congregation (putting us at 5 pastors not including Cory). We have people who have served as elders in other congregations, people who’ve led ministry teams, people who were ministry directors, two published Christian authors, two former children’s ministry coordinators, a former outreach coordinator, and many others who have been involved in significant ministry.  There is no shortage of leadership ideas at Park City Church.

However, not all ideas can be adopted and embraced. Thankfully, many of our leaders have humbly submitted their efforts to the overall vision of Park City Church as set by the elders of the church. This is a testament to their humility, wisdom, and desire for our church to be healthy.

It would be naïve, however, not to note the danger resident in our congregational dynamic. Leaders want to lead. If the overall vision is not compelling, or the opportunities are not forthcoming, leaders will create their own vision and or pursue their own leadership initiatives. In previous seasons we have experienced this in large measure. The absence of clear leadership direction led to what our elders labeled “a lack of congregational identity” (it was hard to tell who we were as a church) and “chaos” (the ministries were working against each other and creating a tense environment). We are laboring to align our efforts to best serve the needs of our congregation. Given the congregational dynamic, this is no easy task.


Lead Pastor. Cory Williams is our lead pastor. His vision for our church dates back to 2007 when he felt led to pursue the launch of a gospel-centered church. The vision for this church was developed over a decade. While serving as the youth pastor of Central and while gaining formal training, the convictions for this church were solidified in him. When given the opportunity to pursue the launch of the campus, Cory presented a 60-page document to the elders of Central. This included a philosophy of ministry and launch strategy for the new work. 

Elders. Two of our elders were a part of Central Christian’s eldership team at the time of the campus launch (Bruce Browning and Don Williams). As a satellite campus we were under the authority of the eldership of Central. Thankfully, Bruce and Don were on site at our campus and able to advocate for our congregation. Once we became our own autonomous church, we publicly affirmed and installed Bruce and Don in their eldership role. Later, we were able to add Phil Schomber to the team and develop an extensive eldership training and onboarding process for future additions.


We are located in Machesney Park, IL on the frontage road of one of the major highways connecting the communities to the South (Loves Park/Rockford) and the communities to the North (Rockton/Roscoe). This is a prime location to serve the stateline area. Machesney Park has 23,000 residents at the time of this publication.


For a more complete timeline, please visit our timeline. Here, I will sketch out a few of the more significant moments.

  • 2007-the idea for church planting became a consuming thought in the mind of Cory Williams
  • 2016-after many years of waiting, the proposal was crafted to launch a daughter church in Machesney Park, IL. The launch team was enlisted, and preliminary meetings took place on a monthly basis.
  • 2017-we launched a satellite campus of Central Christian.
  • 2018-As a portable church with instability, we had to relocate multiple times. Our original location became inaccessible to us. We moved to the tree farm over the summer and then to the high school the fall of that year. We met at the high school for 19 months.
  • 2020-Pandemic. Since we could no longer meet in-person, we set up to broadcast our services from Williams Tree Farm. As things progressed, we were able to hold outdoor services at the farm, and then we moved indoors. Our church met at the farm for nearly two years.
  • 2021-in June of 21’ we became Park City Church. In July we were presented the opportunity to purchase property.
  • 2022-we moved back into Machesney Park. After a nearly two-year hiatus, we moved back into our target location. Because of the kindness of God, we now had our own permanent space in an ideal location.
  • 2023-organizational growth and numerical growth.