Resources on Apologetics

Resources on Apologetics

Does God Really Exist?

Section 1: God Digging Deeper Topic 1: What Kind of evidence should we expect? We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what God is like. But many people claim there is no God. In light of those skeptics, it’s worth asking whether there’s any evidence that God does, in fact, exist. Now, when we look at the evidence for God’s existence, it’s important to recognize we’re never going to have access to the kind of direct evidence we might…

The Park City Podcast – S1:E10

The Narrow Gate and The Deity of Christ What’s the role of faith in entering through the narrow gate? What’s the significance of Christ’s deity? In this episode, David and Phil discuss Matthew 7:13-20 and talk about our choice between the narrow and wide gates and how Christ is the way to God.  Then, in the devotional discussion, they talk about how Christ is fully God and the significance of His divine nature with regards to His work on the…