Resources on Evangelism

Resources on Evangelism

The Gospel and Mission

This week, we ask how the gospel informs missions.  The gospel teaches us that the mission field is everywhere.  God has created the church for missions, and all of us are missionaries wherever we are.  As believers, we are sent as Jesus was to go into the world with the good news of the gospel.   John 20:21 Discussion Questions What do you think of when you think of missions?  Of missionaries?  Do you consider yourself to be sent?  Why or…

God’s Holy People

1 Peter 2:9-12 In this text, we learn two things: Who we are and what we are to do.  We are a people chosen by God and saved by His glorious grace.  The relationship we have with God is indeed an incredible privilege, but it isn’t without great responsibility.  Since we have received such a beautiful gospel, we ought to share it with others by living in such a way that when others encounter us, they encounter Christ.  The body…