Park City Kids

Park City Kids

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Here are some key features of this ministry:

A Welcoming Environment

First off, we want kids to want to be a part of this ministry. That means that our program is designed to help them have fun, connect with other young people, spend time with adults that care for them, and participate in engaging lessons and activities. This should be true for kids that come each week and it’s also our aim for first-time visitors. We want all kids to feel like they belong here.

Secondly, we want parents to feel comfortable too. We try to make the experience very user-friendly for the entire family. We work hard to create a safe environment for your kids. All adult volunteers have current background checks, a security team is carefully overseeing the entire kid’s wing of our facility, and we have plans and procedures in place to ensure the safety of your kids.


We believe that our kid’s ministry can help our children come to know the good news of what God has done. We teach them from the Bible and we try to make connections to the person and work of Jesus Christ each week. We believe that kids are able to hear and receive the gospel–even at a young age.

Park City Kids isn’t just childcare. We are trying to help children know Christ, follow his will for them, and commit to living out the way of Christ.

Helping Kids and their families grow

We know that for most children, the family environment is the main arena for discipleship. We want to partner with you (the parent or guardian) in the training of your children. We use resources that can be utilized at home.

Teaching kids to live on mission

We believe that people who follow Jesus join him in his mission. We try to instill this at an early age.

MEET the Team

Lindsay Hofmann, kids ministry coordinator
Lindsay Hofmann | Kids Ministry Coordinator


The Biggest Story Storybook Bible Curriculum

We use a Bible Curriculum that is beautiful, accessible, engaging, and gospel-centered. Lessons focus on telling stories from the Bible and making connections to the person and work of Jesus Christ. Kids get to learn the big picture of the Bible while learning practical lessons each week.

Also, there are lots of accompanying resources that you can utilize at home (All resources are optional).


STILL Have QUestions?


Where do I check-in at?

Once you enter our facility, the kid’s area will be to your left. Our check-in team will be available to assist you.

Do kids go directly into the children’s area?

Infants and toddlers are able to take advantage of our nursery during the entire service.

After checking in, elementary-age students are able to go into the worship service with their families. Before the sermon starts, children are invited to go back to kid’s church. Parents are welcome to walk their kids back to help with that transition (they are also welcome to stay with their kids to observe if they would like). Also, not every child chooses to attend kid’s church. Some families are comfortable keeping their kids with them.

Are there safety procedures in place?

Yes. Each adult volunteer has a current background check on file. We also have multiple security team members that monitor the kid’s area during the service each week.

How do I find my kids after church ends?

When the service ends, parents can go back to the kid’s check-in/check-out area. Our team will help you retrieve your child. You’ll have a sticker with your child’s name and a unique code. This will match the name-sticker that your child is wearing.

Interested In Joining The Team?

Please let us know if you’d like to help.