To be a member is to make a public promise to live according to the Bible in a relationship with a particular local congregation. Every believer is a member of Christ but certain Biblical expectations can only be met when agreed upon and clarified.

Our Membership Process

Step 1: Learn about our Church

Before committing to a congregation, it’s important to know what the church stands for. To learn about Park City Church, we offer classes multiple times each year. First, there is a newcomer’s experience. Here, you’ll learn about Park City’s history, doctrine, and vision. Second, we offer a next-steps experience. Next Steps helps us to clarify the various ways that people can grow and get involved in our church. Finally, we offer a membership orientation. It’s in the orientation that we give further clarity to our church covenant and expectations for believers.

Step 2: Fill out a Membership Application

The membership application helps us get to know you at an even deeper level. Since you are committing to us, and we are committing to you, we want to get to know your story.

Step 3: Membership Interview

After completing an application, one of our elders will schedule a time to meet. It’s here that we can go over your application, address any further questions you might have, and look at additional next steps that might be appropriate to you. This meeting typically takes about an hour and couples can schedule one meeting together.

Step 4: Public Affirmation

Having completed the previous three steps, the elders can now recommend you for membership. We will communicate this to the congregation and schedule a Sunday for your public vows. During this service, we will ask you to affirm your commitment to our church’s statement of faith, our church covenant, and to the congregation and its leaders. We will have you officially sign the church covenant and add you to the membership roll of our church.