Launch a Missional Community Group

Launch a Missional Community Group

We would love to see the stateline area saturated with missional community groups (groups of believers doing life together on mission).

How can you get one started?

Pray about the location

Typically, this will be the neighborhood around your home. It could also be a coffee shop, restaurant, or some other public space that you have access to. Pray about the people who surround this location that could experience the life-changing power of the gospel through your group’s gospel witness.

Invite others to be a part of the launch team

Who could you get to join you in the launch of the new group? What complementary gifts do you need to succeed? If you are a gifted leader but a poor host, who could you invite into your team with the gift of hospitality? If your target location is surrounded by families with small kids, who can you invite in to creatively serve and bless the kids? Mission is always a team effort, the successful launch of a new group is largely determined by the state of the original launch team.

Start meeting together to pray for and bless the area

Once you’ve determined the area and the launch team, start gathering together. Try not to overcomplicate the meetings. Too often, groups will become curriculum-oriented. Try to resist that gravitational pull. Spend time praying for the people that your group could bless.

Reach out to neighbors and friends

Now that you have a group meeting and praying together, practice hospitality. Invite people to join you during the times when you’re together. Let them know that you genuinely care for them and want what is best for them.

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