Jesus Physically Rose from the Dead

Jesus Physically Rose from the Dead

Section 4: Jesus

Week 4: Jesus Rose from the Dead, Returned to Heaven, and Will Come Again

Day 1: Jesus Physically Rose from the Dead

Luke 24

Several times now we’ve discussed the view that the body is somehow inferior to the spirit. If that were the way God looked at the body, the Resurrection would have been the place to make that point clear. When Jesus’ body died on the cross, God could have had Jesus’ spirit return to heaven and remain in that state forever. But that’s not what happened.

Jesus rose from the dead with a physical body (see Luke 24:36-43, John 20:24-27, 21:1-25). Why? As we’ll see tomorrow, Jesus’ resurrection plays a specific role in our salvation. But it’s also part of God’s larger plan to restore all of creation. In the Humanity section, we noted that as a result of the Fall, the earth itself was subjected to futility. In Romans, Paul pictures creation itself groaning under the effects of the Fall (Rom. 8:20-21). He also pictures creation eagerly anticipating redemption (Rom. 8:22-25). We look forward to our redemption. But God’s plan of redemption encompasses the entire universe he created. One day he will roll back the effects of sin, and all of creation will once again work the way it was intended to.

Jesus’ resurrection is the beginning of that restoration. It is a clear signal that God himself is committed to the physical universe he created and that he intends to restore it.

Reflection Questions:

When you look at the world around you, do you see the effects of the Fall? Focus on things other than people and their actions. Can you see the Fall in nature? What would nature be like with the consequences of the Fall removed?


Take a walk today. Watch for things that you think are a consequence of the Fall. How would your walk be different, if those things were restored to the perfection of God’s original creation?


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