God Wants to Communicate with Us

God Wants to Communicate with Us

Section 2: The Bible

Week 2: The Bible Is Clear

Day `1: God Wants to Communicate with Us

Heb. 1:1-2

The Need for Communication

A family at our former church has a daughter who is deaf. I can remember thinking that unless I found a way to communicate with her I’d never be able to connect with her. I took a sign language class once, but I had forgotten almost everything. About all I remembered was the sign for turtle. It might surprise you…but you can’t get very far with just the word “turtle.” “Turtle, turtle, turtle” doesn’t communicate much to someone, except that maybe you’re a little strange. Thankfully, though, her mom and sisters were able to act as translators. Otherwise, our inability to communicate would have become a wall between us. I never would have gotten to know her, except on the most superficial level.

The Bible as God’s Communication

That’s true of any relationship. When we communicate with another person, we do more than transmit little bits of information. We reveal a portion of ourselves, which in turn gives the other person an opportunity to respond to us. The give and take of that process makes a relationship possible.

That’s exactly why God chose to communicate with us. As we’ve already seen, the Bible consists of God’s own words. Although the Bible was written by human authors, the Holy Spirit worked in each of their lives to ensure they wrote exactly what God wanted them to write. God didn’t do that just so he could provide us with little tid-bits of information. He wasn’t primarily concerned with giving us a set of rules or a to-do list. He wanted to reveal himself to us.

As we work through this study on the Bible, it’s important to keep that overarching purpose in mind. When you look at the Bible, you’re not looking at mere words on a page. You’re looking at God’s attempt to reach out and draw you into a relationship.

Reflection Questions:

Imagine the Bible had never been written. Imagine God had not communicated with us in any way. What would you know about Him? What would you know about his plans for you? What effect would that have on your relationship with him?


List five ways the Bible has helped you know God better.


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