God Is Not Wrong to Seek His Own Glory

God Is Not Wrong to Seek His Own Glory

Section 3: Humanity

Week 1: God Created Us for His Glory

Day 4: God Is Not Wrong to Seek His Own Glory

Ps. 150

It’s easy to get the wrong impression about God. In yesterday’s reading, we said God created us for his glory. That makes him sound like an egomaniac, though, doesn’t it? Think about someone you know who is always trying to be the center of attention and wants everyone to tell them how great they are. Do you think highly of that person? Probably not.

Why are we critical of someone like that? In large part, it’s because they think they’re better than they actually are. Typically, they also think they’re entitled to more than they actually deserve. Their thoughts and feelings about themselves and what the world owes them are out of whack.

However, that’s not true in God’s case. There is no one greater than him. There is no one who is more loving, more holy, more powerful, or more trustworthy. So when God seeks his own glory, he is simply acknowledging the true state of affairs.

Reflection Questions:

Where does the desire to glorify God come from? Do you see a connection between our appreciation of God’s goodness/greatness and our desire to glorify him?


Write down three things you could do to gain a better appreciation of God’s goodness/greatness. Commit to start doing one of them this week.


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