Disbelieving or Disobeying Scripture = Disbelieving or Disobeying God

Disbelieving or Disobeying Scripture = Disbelieving or Disobeying God

Section 2: The Bible

Week 1: The Bible Is Authoritative

Day 4: Disbelieving or Disobeying Scripture = Disbelieving or Disobeying God

1 John. 5:1-3

If the Bible is composed of God’s own words, then it makes sense that disobeying something the Bible tells us to do amounts to disobeying God. For the most part, we get that. We may not always do it, but we get it. Disobedience isn’t the only issue, though. It’s also wrong to disbelieve something God has said. Most of us probably get that too, but there’s a subtle way we can get tripped up on this one. Our beliefs are shaped by culture in ways we don’t often realize. As a result, it’s easy for us to say we believe one thing, when deep down we actually believe another thing. We may not even be fully aware of the conflict.

Take a very simple example. The Bible teaches we’re in the middle of a spiritual war. Satan and other evil spirits are actively trying to hurt us by undermining our spiritual growth, robbing us of our joy, and disrupting our relationship with God. Most Christians would agree with that statement. Yet the reality is most of us don’t give Satan a moment’s thought throughout the day, much less actively guard ourselves against his attacks.

Why is that? Well, living here in the United States we’re immersed in a culture that adopts a materialistic view of the world. And that view says we’ve outgrown the notion of a spiritual world. Everything that happens has a material explanation.

Whether we realize it or not, that view has had an effect on us. We’ve been exposed to that way of looking at the world since birth.   As a result, when we talk about our faith in church, we dutifully affirm that Satan exists. But, when we live out our faith in the real world, we act as if he doesn’t.

We’re all vulnerable to that sort of inconsistency because we all live in the world. That’s why we need to be alert. If we want to whole-heartedly believe all that God says, we need to be aware of the world’s impact on our thoughts.


Make a list of the ways God has spoken to you this week.

Reflection Questions:

Are you having difficulty obeying or believing him? If so, why? If not, what are you doing in response?


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