How to Discern When Your Church Needs its Own Space

To buy or not to buy.  That is the question.   Every young church plant meeting in a temporary location wonders whether to invest in a permanent location.  While there are positives to having your own space, there are other considerations to be made as well.   How much space can we afford?  How much space do we need?  How does the space serve both our church and the community?  Moreover, if the church is not a building but a people, why…

Seeking God in Seasons of Change

When it comes down to it, most of us don’t like change–especially when it’s unexpected.  I am no exception.     The reality is, however, change is all around us.  Last year, I went from living in Paris, France to living in Beloit, WI.  I went from single to engaged to married.  I went from launching campus movements with university students as a part of a parachurch ministry to serving as a pastoral resident at my local church.  My life has been…