Building Project

Building Project

(Last Updated: February 2022)


The property at 10714 N. 2ND ST is the future gathering site for our church. The 12,000+ square foot building has a 250 seat sanctuary, a 30×50 foot children and youth space, multi-purpose classroom space, a massive lobby area, and offices on the second floor. Currently, we are working on the building to make it our own. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Meet the Team

The building project team gives direction and oversite to the scope and pace of projects at the new site.

Bruce Browning is a certified Project Manager and works as a consultant to implement and customize manufacturing software.  Bruce graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and has a doctorate in Counseling from Northern Illinois University.  Bruce is an elder for our church and has served on boards for businesses and non-profits.

Don Williams is the owner and operator of Williams Tree Farm. He has extensive construction experience from his time at Kothe Builders, in Rockton, IL. He has served on multiple boards for various organizations, is an elder in our church, and has served as a committee chair member for other non-profits.

Matt Galli is the maintenance superintendent for Napco Pipe and Fittings. He has worked in the plastics industry for over 28 years with experience in maintenance management, plant management, project management, and has extensive knowledge and experience in industrial maintenance.

Josh Williams is a professional electrician with McGilvra Electric in Beloit, WI. He has 12 years of experience working on commercial facilities. Josh has a particular passion for church technology. He has designed and installed audio, video, and lighting systems at multiple churches and event venues in the stateline area.

Ryan Triplett is a repair engineering manager at Collins Aerospace with experience in project management, team management, and multiple construction projects.

Additional Members

  • David Morelli | Associate Pastor
  • Cory Williams | Pastor
Meet the Design Team

Sarah Enke and Ashley Williams. Sarah and Ashley have both given oversite to significant remodeling projects. They have a passion for making spaces beautiful, welcoming, and functional. They have access to multiple professional interior designers and are working hard to create design finishes that fit the ministry vision for our new facility.

Blakemore Architects

Blakemore Architects is a local architectural firm with strong technical competence and a commitment to providing practical and functional design solutions.  

Meet the Communications Team

The communication team aims to keep the congregation inspired and informed as we move through the process of rehabbing the building.

  • Melody Clark
  • Maggie Wilkerson
  • Lauren Morelli
  • Bruce Browning


July 2, 2021

Initial Contact

A phone call was received from the owner of 10714 N 2nd St inquiring if our church would be interested in viewing the building.

Barely two weeks after we formally incorporated, the timing felt inappropriate. How would we afford this? Is this a hasty move? Will our church be able to handle such a large undertaking? At this point, it isn’t even clear yet what the transition to autonomy did to our church.

July 13, 2021


Our elders decided to meet the owner at the building as an act of obedience to God’s opening of this door.

There was no immediate answer as to what we should do.

We invited additional leaders from our church to tour the facility. With multiple open-houses and private viewings, we committed the opportunity to prayer. We were working hard in this season to discern God’s leadership in all of this.

As details emerged, it became obvious that God was giving us incredible favor.

August 22, 2021


We put the opportunity before our people. We asked our church family to weigh in on whether or not we should move forward on the purchase of the property.

92% of the votes were in favor of us purchasing the property.

September 30, 2021

Raising Funds

Our timeline to raise funds was very brief. The owner was motivated to move the property very quickly. If we were to purchase the building, we needed $75,000 by September 30th.

Within 3 weeks of the announcement, we raised over $80,000. Additional funds have continued to come in allowing us to get us started with renovations and improvements to the facility.

October 2021

TAking Possession

After the closing, many things were going on behind the scenes. We had multiple inspections, bills and utilities were switched over, contractors were contacted, and some preliminary work was being done to make it our own (see above for the new exterior paint).

During this stretch, we also formalized a building team, established a communications team and a design team, and made initial projections as to the scope of the renovations.

November 5, 2021

Preview Night

On November 5th, after obtaining our occupancy permit, we were able to hold our first public gathering at the new facility.

Over 80 people turned out to see the new site.

We spent the evening praying, worshiping, and considering what God might do through this location in the years ahead.

November 20, 2021

Workday # 1

Almost 30 people showed up on our first public workday. We made some significant progress on the building.

We started demoing walls and opening up the space.

Within the span of one workday, we were able to see the building begin to reflect our vision.

December 4, 2021

Workday #2

Around twenty people showed up to keep moving things forward. The camaraderie and excitement are growing as we continue to work toward moving in.

December 22, 2021

Prelimenary Drawings

On December 22nd, we recieved a preview of drawings back from Blakemore Architects. The project plan was begining to take shape.

January 2022


With Christmas, New Years, and unused vacation time, we knew there would be a lull in the progress. We were waiting on an HVAC/Structural engineer to schedule a site visit. Unfortunately, that engineer contracted COVID-19 and our visit was postponed by two weeks.

February 2022


Since we already had our demo permit in hand, the building team decided to keep pressing forward even though the plans weren’t finalized. The team demo’d some of the more complicated sections to keep things moving.

We also began ordering materials to stockpile them at the building for when the building permits were issued.

Further, the fire sprinkler system needed some updates and reconfigurations. We were able to have some of that work completed during this interim.



We are aiming to get the building operational so that we can move in ASAP. We’ll be in our space in early 2022 and hope to have much of the finishing touches done by Easter.

Stay tuned…


When are we moving in?

Lord willing, we will move into the new facility in time for Easter of 2022 (April 17th, 2022). The building project team has prioritized getting the building functional, and then we can begin having services there. There will be a stretch where we will likely meet in an unfinished space. We hope that this is exciting for our church family as we’ll see the progress unfold week-by-week. Much of our plan is contingent on things beyond our control (supply chain issues, availability of contractors, and the obtaining of drawings and permits).

What is happening at the building that makes it unusable?

We are remodeling the first-floor bathrooms and the hallway to them. There are bathrooms on the second floor, but they are not accessible to the public.

Who is making decisions about the building?

We have a team called the building project team which includes our elders, staff, and people with extensive experience in construction, maintenance, and project management. This team is determining the scope and pace of the projects at the building.

We also have an interior design team that is giving leadership to the aesthetic aspects of the building (paint colors, furnishings, finishes, and more). 

Furthermore, we have contracted Blakemore Architects to help design our space to suit our vision for ministry.

Who is doing the work?

Thankfully, our congregation is filled with many skilled workers. We are using volunteers to accomplish a lot of the work at the new location. However, there are some aspects of the projects that we are contracting out.

How is this being funded?

We raised nearly one hundred thousand dollars when we announced the opportunity to purchase this property. Much of that went to cover our initial down payment but we were still left with additional funds to start improving the facility. Also, by the grace of God, our expenses have been very minimal and our offerings have been very strong. That allows us to move forward on some projects immediately.

What are the other projects?

We are redesigning the layout of the sanctuary. That includes building a stage, walls, installing a new lighting system, and more. We have already begun this work and have the funds to complete those projects.

We’ve also redesigned the lobby area between the main lobby and the children’s ministry area. This will “open the space up” and make it feel more “airy and bright”.

After the completion of the initial interior projects, we would like to turn our attention to the exterior. We will need to raise additional funds to move into the next phases of improvements which will include: resurfacing or rehabbing the parking lot, installing new parking lot lighting, general landscaping, redesign of the entryway, and more.

What about general maintenance on this old building? Do we need to repair or replace any major items?

Thankfully, the building is in surprisingly good shape for its age. Nonetheless, our team would like to proactively improve the facility as we go. For instance, we will seal the roof with an elastomeric sealant that extends the life of the roofing material, will prevent any leaks, and will increase the energy efficiency of the building. Similarly, we are trying to make improvements to the heating and cooling systems as we go. We do have an emergency fund available but hope to avoid using it by making improvements instead of repairs.  

How will we avoid becoming building-centric?

Excellent question. There is no easy answer. It’s worth noting that every church must figure out where it will gather. Regardless of the details of the building, house, or rental venue, every church expends some energy on figuring where and how to meet. Throughout the history of our congregation, we have had to expend significant energy on being portable (building portable systems, establishing and maintaining a setup/tear down team, and the management of contracts with venues in Machesney Park). The hope is that by having a permanent facility we can focus less on the building and more on the mission. Since we view a facility as a means to an end and not the end itself, I think we’ll be in good shape.