Saving Faith Includes Trust

Saving Faith Includes Trust

Section 6: Salvation – Part 1

Week 3: Conversion – Turning to Christ in Faith

Day 3: Saving Faith Includes Trust

John 3:1-23

People need to hear the gospel so they can come to faith. But what is faith? From a biblical perspective, it’s important to understand that faith involves more than believing certain facts. Trust is an essential element.

We use to have a basset hound named Colbi. She was very sweet, but she was also a lot of work. She had a habit of waking up at 3:00 a.m., wanting to go outside to “do her business.” It drove me crazy. Every night I was hopeful that would be the night the madness stopped. Even so, I still left my socks in the living room. What does that have to do with anything you’re wondering? I don’t like to sleep with my socks on. Don’t know why… I just don’t. So every night before bed, I take them off. But when Colbi needed to go out, I put my socks and shoes on. No sense pulling out a new pair of socks, so I left the old pair on the couch.  When Colbi got up, they were right there for that tiresome trek into the backyard.

Knowing all of that, if I told you I believed tonight was the night the madness was going to stop, but I left my socks on the couch, would you say I truly believed it? Probably not. If I really believed in Colbi’s ability to make it through the night, that belief would express itself in trust. Continuing to leave the socks on the couch was a sign I didn’t really believe in her because it was a sign I didn’t trust her.

Faith in Christ is similar.  It’s not simply a matter believing things about him. It’s a matter of believing in him. And that involves trust. When we put our faith in Christ, we make a conscious decision to rely on what he has done to save us rather than ourselves.


Read John 3:16.

Reflection Questions: 

Why does John say, “believe in him” rather than “believe him”? How does believing in someone relate to relying on them? As believers, what do we rely on Jesus for?


  1. Steve

    Dear Phil and David. This will be my last email to you regarding election. ?. But everything I have read this week regarding salvation and the Romans 10 passage and your last sentence in this days devotion yells free will to me. That I need to hear the gospel and that I need to respond to the gospel in order to be saved. My answer to all of your reflective questions on day one of this week would be “I need to choose to believe.” I do really appreciate and enjoy these daily devotions. Thank you for putting the time and effort and wisdom and knowledge into it. God bless you.

    • David Morelli


      We are glad that you have enjoyed the devotions, and we appreciate you sharing your thoughts and questions as you wrestle through the material.

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